My dhamma teacher Ruth Denison had a massive stroke sometime on the night of Feb 15/16. She is 92 years old and has been in declining health for the last couple of years. On Feb 17 she returned from hospital to her home up the road from me here in northern Joshua Tree. She is under hospice care and her directive wishes are being followed. No food, no IV, etc etc. A group of her students has been working with professionals to give her 24/7 care. It is now the morning of Feb 25. Many of us have spent hours at Ruth’s bedside, creating an atmosphere of profound, loving compassion unlike any I have ever experienced. It is hard to know how conscious she is, as she cannot speak, but nonetheless she does seem to be practicing. One of Ruth’s senior students, the teacher Robert Beatty, has been present since the 17th and has been posting bulletins to the sangha (community) at large about the situation. They are available at the link.