Cover from the forthcoming Plankton Wat album…

More info * Thrill Jockey

Regarding paraslavery in China, The New York Times’ gadget columnist David Pogue attempts to locate conscience, fails *

“What we’ve seen over the last 30 years is a war on the human imagination” — Author/anthropologist David Graeber on debt, morality, ways of being *

If you’re thinking about really shutting stuff down, not just talking about it, here’s a successful technique: “Nearly 40,000 students from across Southern California staged walkouts, blocking traffic on four freeways. Youths marched down Sunset, Melrose, Laurel Canyon, the Hollywood Fwy in downtown Los Angeles and two sections of the Harbor Freeway. The protests appeared to be loosely organized—mass e-mails, fliers, instant messages, cellphone calls and postings on myspace” * LATimes

DIY MAGIC by Anthony Alvarado is being published by Floating World Comics next month. The book expands on Anthony’s columns for Arthur‘s online presence in 2009-10, and features design work by the brilliant Lord Whimsy and lotsa illustrations by cartoonist folk like Ron Rege, Jr and Kevin Hooyman. My blurb: “Few books are as immediately useful as this delightful, inspirational tips ‘n’ tricks tome. I’m having a backyard betel nut party in five minutes and everyone’s invited!”

More info, pre-order * floatingworldcomics

A C60 of Peter Lamborn Wilson reading from his “Ec(o)logues” is now available from Sloow Tapes. Here’s the cover:

“Wilson’s ‘Ec(o)logues’ is a collection of bucolic poetry proposing an anarcho-surrealist Temporary Pastoral Zone, abolishing monetary, electrical and other mediations in favor of a direct experiencing of Paracelsan tantra practices with sylphs and faeries.” * Tape is via Sloow Tapes, book Ec(o)logues is available at Amazon.

Earth’s Dylan Carlson chooses 13 of his favorite albums * thequietus

Dave Tompkins rolls a big one regarding one of his favorite films, the genuinely bugfuck “The Hellstrom Chronicle” * grantland

Rammellzee in the New York Times. Make sure to check out the slideshow. * NYTimes

D’Angelo and The Testimony – live in Paris, 2012 *

One from way back: my 2005 conversation with Ralf Hutter of Kraftwerk. *

OK Go guy confirms: “I am making a record for Lavender Diamond. Our label hopefully will be putting it out this summer” *

Sweet pics of THE GROWLERS recording at Easy Eye Sound Studio in Nashville last year for their new album, produced by DAN AUERBACH of the Black Keys * alyssegafkjen

Congratulations to my friend Mike Mills, writer-director of Beginners, for Christopher Plummer’s Oscar win for best supporting actor. I am very happy for them both.

A talk by eco-political sensible radical and science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson that I’m checking out…

Video description: “Climate change and population growth will combine in the twenty-first century to put an enormous load on humanity’s bio-infrastructural support system, the planet Earth. Kim Stanley Robinson argues that our current economic system undervalues both the environment and future human generations, and it will have to change if we hope to succeed in dealing with the enormous challenges facing us. Science is the most powerful conceptual system we have for dealing with the world, and we are certain to be using science to design and guide our response to the various crises now bearing down on us. A more scientific economics—what would that look like? And what else in our policy, habits, and values will have to change?”

Barney Rossett, legendary publisher of Grove Press and the Evergreen Review, died last week at 89. I was lucky enough to spend an hour or two in his presence a few years ago. Obituary for Barney by Douglas Martin * New York Times

Photographer Stacy Kranitz and I did a short piece on the rather remarkable Dick the Butcher of Joshua Tree…

Check it out at Learning to Live Here

Stephanie and I have made some Defend Joshua Tree t-shirts, featuring a design by Arik Roper. They’re available for $20 each plus postage. *

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