Excerpted from a Free City News sheet (San Francisco, prob. 1968, author unknown), courtesy diggers.org


A bunch of us went out back today and tore down the fence surrounding the yard. The neighbors, attracted by the sound of our laughter and shouting, gathered around to watch us in amazement. Some of them seemed to become infected with our delight and began to finger the claw hammers and crowbars which were scattered about. Suddenly one man leaped at his fence screaming “Cancer wood” and that set it off.

Before you knew it, all the fences in the block were down and all our neighbors were racing up and down the park they had built congratulating each other for their boldness and imagination. We built a big fire to roast the turkey legs which Jon had brought over that morning. By mid-afternoon, people were fucking in the rose bushes, children were marauding in the turnip patch, and visionary conversations were going on in every corner of the garden. It was a hell of a day.