transcript by me from video — please help with corrections

Dr. Cornel West’s address to the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly, Sept 27, 2011 circa 7:05pm EDT

There is a sweet spirit in this place.

I hope you can feel the love and inspiration — those [inaud] of everyday people who take a stand with great courage and compassion because we oppose the greed of Wall Street oligarchs and corporate plutocrats who squeeze the democratic juices out of this country and other places around the world.

I am so blessed to be here! It got me spiritually breakdancing on the way here! Because when you bring folks together, of all colors, all cultures, all genders, all sexual orientations, the elite will tremble in their boots. [cheers]

And we will send a message that this is the US Fall, responding to the Arab Spring, and it is going to hit Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix Arizona, H-Town [A-town?] itself, moving on to Detroit, hitting Appalachia, and hit the reservations with our red brothers and sisters.

Martin Luther King, Jr. will smile from the grave and say we moving step by step to what he called a revolution. Don’t be afraid to say “revolution”!

We want a transfer of power from the oligarchs to ordinary citizens, with the poor children of all colors, and the orphans and the widows, and the elderly, and the working folk.

Cuz we connect the prison industrial complex with the military industrial complex with the Wall Street oligarchy complex and the corporate media multiplex.

I want to thank you. It’s a blessing to be a small part of this magnificent gathering. This is the general assembly consecrated by your witness and your body and your mind!